Custom Designed OEM Replacement Wiring Harnesses

Realising the demand for quality, reliable, defect free and reduced pricing on replacement OEM OFF-HIGHWAY harnesses, HARNTECH offers unparalleled services in this specialised field.

Customers usually face unavailable stock, long lead times, discontinued products and huge costs, when dealing with the challenges of replacing damaged or faulty harnesses.

By paying careful attention to the reverse engineering process of OEM wiring harnesses

we pride ourselves in improving the current design where necessary, and providing our clients with the benefits of longer lasting and more robust harnesses.

The extremely high cost of OEM wiring harness assemblies can be reduced substantially by using our LEAN Manufacturing principles and extensive database.

We are able to offer more competitive pricing by carrying a large inventory of raw materials for different equipment manufacturers and by using interchangeable components such as industry proven Deutsch Connectors, Automotive Cross Linked wire and PVC Yarn for braiding.

Long lead times from OEMs can often be countered before your machinery goes into production by working with HARNTECH and earmarking harnesses that are prone to failure, such as engine, transmission and rear frame harnesses.

By using reverse engineering skills when supplied with sample harnesses by adding improvements, electronic drawing and design services, creating BOMs, performing cost analysis, all documented on reliable systems to ensure much shorter lead times and providing stock availability when needed.

New OEM equipment harnesses are typically supplied without connector back shells and boots, thus incurring much moisture and dirt from pressure washing and leads to harness failure and in turn equipment downtime.

By adding waterproof boots and matching back shells we provide you with a durable harness assembly.

Durable wiring harness covering for harsh environmental exposure can be supplied to counteract extreme operating conditions.

HARNTECH has successfully improved on many harness designs and selected suitable components to prolong the service life

of wiring harnesses that are exposed to harsh conditions such as, extreme heat, corrosion and mechanical damage providing customers with longer lasting solutions.